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Sarvajanik Education Society

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Welcome to TIFAC – CORE in Environmental Engineering, SCET

Sarvajanik Education Society’s Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology (SCET) Centre of Excellence provides an ideal platform to researchers, teachers, students and professionals to focus on emerging frontiers of knowledge, to promote horizontal and vertical networking, to improve quality of research, training and teaching and ultimately to create a knowledge base in accordance with socio-economic and environmental needs of society. The centre is one of the advanced centres providing facilities for upgrading technical competence by establishing post graduate courses in environmental engineering and also organizing some short and long duration field/job oriented courses.



yatishbhai-parekhDear all,I wish you all a very happy and successful New Year full of laurels and accolades.I express my sincere thanks for placing your trust and confidence in me to lead SES a task I accept with deepest humility. I welcome all the new members to the Sarvajanikan fraternity and seek the kind support and commitment to steer SES to new vistas and pathways of success


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